Need a Break From Election Coverage? Here’s Some Quick, Cheap Getaways Right Now!

Time to get out of town

Everywhere you turn right now election coverage has you surrounded. Whether you’re red or blue, we’ve got some deals to get you on a plane and out of here now! Instead of dividing the country by electoral votes and party lines we have deals listed by East Coast, West Coast, No Coast and a little bonus at the end.

All of these deals are subject to change (cheap seats sell fast) and can be replicated on – perhaps the best tool to use for finding flexible itineraries. There are other deals to be had for later in the year, but that won’t help you now so we are skipping over them.

East Coast
Washington DC to Bangkok, Thailand – $658 roundtrip

This fare gets you out of here in just a week (you will have plenty of packing and planning to keep you away from the news) and brings you home for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Americans traveling to Thailand for tourism do not need a visit if their visit is less than 15 days. Thailand just completed the official mourning period of their King who recently passed, please be sensitive to Thais in this time.


New York City to Dubai, United Arab Emirates – $588 roundtrip

It’s getting chilly in New York and you can warm up in Dubai for very little money right now. If you prefer to ski, do it the right way – indoors.

Toronto, Ontario to Beijing, China – $369 roundtrip

The best part about this route? It’s direct on Air Canada. It might be worth a drive north to reduce your connections and take advantage of this terrific deal! You do need a Chinese visa and you will need to rush it. We suggest using a professional like VisaHQ which retains your information to save you time filling out future visa applications. Keep in mind that Canada does have strict drunk driving laws and those US citizens with a conviction may be turned away at the border.

West Coast

Los Angeles to Reykjavik, Iceland – $310 roundtrip

Need a long weekend after the holidays locked inside with that weird aunt or uncle that insists on explaining why they voted for a third-party candidate? Totally forgivable – your boss will understand. This one leaves the week after Thanksgiving and also works better for those with unmissable family plans. This flight is on WOW Air which is a discount carrier. You will have to pay for your bags (even large carry-ons incur a fee), but will have plenty of money left over in your budget – this route is cheaper than New York and twice the distance. Check out the northern lights, and soak your worries away at the Blue Lagoon.

Also available from San Francisco



Las Vegas to Shanghai, China – $525 roundtrip

With the same visa requirements as mentioned before you will need to get it processed fast if you don’t already have a China visa (they last 10 years). Vegas doesn’t get much love for international itineraries but with new direct flights, incumbents like Air Canada that require a connection are willing to get scrappy to fill seats.


Seattle to Paris, France – $624 roundtrip

This one leaves a little later (the first week of December) but if you can hold out just a little while longer it will be worth it. Leave room after the turkey and stuffing for crepes and baguettes on the Left Bank. This isn’t the cheapest we have seen, but it does leave soon, and you need a break. This one is on Air Canada as well with just one stop in each direction.

No Coast
Chicago to Tokyo, Japan – $662 roundtrip
Do you really, really need to get away? This one Saturday but there are no tourist visas required for American passport holders on this itinerary. It’s hard to put a price on walking into work tomorrow and saying, “I’m going to burn that vacation time I’ve been holding on to.” If they don’t believe you, just tell them you are going for a Cubs parade – your boss just might join you, which on second thought might not be the best idea.

If that’s just too fast you can go a little cheaper Tuesday of Thanksgiving week for $587 roundtrip. Just pull up the calendar and shop the alternative dates.

Houston to Cancun, Mexico – $190 roundtrip
It’s a short hop but a great price. This fare will have your toes in the sand fast and cheap! This itinerary goes out on Aeromexico but returns on Spirit which may charge you for air onboard. Whether you are about building bridges or walls, you’ll fly over it all and find the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea when you land.

Denver to Paris, France – $485 roundtrip
Paris seems to be the focus city for many departure points in the US this time of year. Grab this ticket and get away from the election new, well, at least in English anyway. Air Canada is the featured airline here but for less than $5 more you can fly just about any carrier you would like.

Some of you may or may not prefer a, ahem, one way ticket. While there are no guarantees the Canadian government will invite you to stay indefinitely, some might just want to pack their bags and take their chances.

Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia – $195 *one way
We have seen as low as $109 just a few hours ago so you might want to pick up the pace if you are heading north.

Chicago or Charlotte to Toronto, Ontario – $158 *one way

Atlanta to Montreal, Quebec – $195 *one way








Safe travels!


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